As part of its online activities, the International Propeller Club of the United States now offers chartered Ports the opportunity to host their own websites housed within the propellerclub.us domain.

Called "microsites," these sites will allow Port chapters to have an online presence without the usual hosting costs related to maintaining a separate local website. Microsites are available to Ports as a benefit of membership in IPCUS, at no additional charges.

Microsites utilize a web based system to publish information. Participants in the program will receive access to a template that can be populated, updated and modified to reflect local activities and interests. Local site administrators will receive how-to documentation to assist with microsite creation and maintenance, and will be responsible for adding and editing content. IPCUS will provide operational support to the extent possible, and will refer Ports seeking comprehensive assistance or design work to contractors who offer support on an hourly basis.

The Club's Port of Savannah and Port of Narragansett Bay have each participated in the microsite program as pilot projects. Click the Port names to see how each has customized the template for their own community. Note that each includes updates from the headquarters office and a map with links to all Propeller Club Ports.

Propeller Club regions and other recognized organizations are also eligible to participate in the microsite program. In the future, IPCUS will continue to provide additional functionality as available from our vendor at no cost.

Port officers interested in participating in the microsite program should e-mail for more information.