About Us



The International Propeller Club of the United States is an international business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry, commerce and global trade.  The Propeller Club aggressively promotes the maritime industry through many of its programs and partnering with other similar organizations.

Our goal is to educate legislators and the public as to the importance and necessity of all waterborne commerce. Please explore our website to learn more of The Propeller Club’s objectives and activities. 

90th Annual Convention: 
The Propeller Club Port of Nantes & Saint-Nazaire, France

The International Port of Nantes & Saint-Nazaire will host the Club's  Annual Convention on October 5-7, 2016. The event will take place at the Hermitage, the famous seaside resort of La Baule.  Mark your calendar to attend and celebrate the 90th Annual International Propeller Club of the United States Conference.