Streamline Intermodal and Supply Chain Shipments

The efficient movement of intermodal cargoes is vital to the continued growth of a global economy. As ships have become larger, container terminals must modify their facilities. Highway and rail connections most be improved to increase the throughput from commercial ports.

Funding for this growth must include not just for infrastructure but include money for energy, resilience, safety and security, and environmental sustainability programs.

In addition, improvements in the use of electronic documents will speed the processing of required legal documentation for shipments to move seamlessly through the intermodal transportation system.

Coordination of activities between Federal, State, Regional, and Local government authorities must be improved to allow for improvements in the marine transportation system in a timely manner. Similarly, coordination between all users of the marine transportation system must be improved including shippers, ocean transportation intermediaries, modal operators, and ports.

Autonomy and the use of robotics is growing. The integration of these systems with the human workforce must be done in a way that ensures worker safety.

This growth will not be accommodated without research and development on projects that will lead to improvements in the marine transportation system.

The International Propeller Club is dedicated to supporting initiatives that support the growth and development of the marine transportation system.

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